provides condo lovers a great selection of condo listings. Search available condo rentals and sales in the GTA. The Greater Toronto Area offers condo hunters excellent options. A large selection of updated condo listings to select from. Helping GTA condo buyers and renters to locate a condo within their budget. The location and amenities that fit your needs. Our goals are to make your condo search an efficient and productive one. Assisting you every step of the way.

MLS Condo Listings in the GTA is a website committed to providing condo buyers and renters the listings and tools they need. Condo hunters can focus on finding their perfect condo. Consumers looking for a condo can be confident that they are receiving up to date and accurate condo listings. Helping Greater Toronto Area condo lovers utilize their time. Allowing you to focus on searching for the condos that match your criteria. Stay up to date on what’s currently on the market. When a new listings hits the market. It’s emailed to you in a timely fashion. Keeping you informed on what’s currently available.

Search for available GTA condo listings today. Finding the perfect condo has never been so easy. Here are some examples of some things to take into consideration. Choosing the area that suits your needs is an important part of the search. Providing a value added service to condo renters and buyers at no cost to them. Saving time and helping make everyone’s condo search efficient and productive. Assisting in the application process and document preparation. All that’s left for you is to find the condo you like.

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Having access to available GTA condo listings. Receiving them in a timely way will help make for an productive and educated transaction. Having the experience and knowledge of a Realtor working with you every step of the way. Utilizing the experience of a professional is a valuable tool that will ensure a great condo experience.

How To Find The Right Condo

Location is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to deciding on a condo to rent. The Greater Toronto Area offers condo renters and buyers a variety of locations. Downtown Condo Living puts you at the center of it all. Condo lovers who want to live just outside the downtown core. A short commute from Etobicoke is a great alternative.

Commuters who need to drive into the city or rely on public transformation. The GTA can cater to those individuals as well. The beautiful City of Mississauga. Its city center offers people looking for a condo in the GTA. A variety of condo choices. A short distance west from the city you’ll find Oakville. Providing Oakville Condo Renters and Oakville Buyers some great choices. A fast growing condo market. Offering great opportunities for people looking to rent or buy a condo further west.

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Condo Location has always been a big factor when choosing a GTA condo. Not only for the convenience of having amenities close by. It is also a major contributor to overall Condo Resale Value. Desirable neighborhoods are almost always more expensive. Sought after areas appreciate in value at a healthy rate. Allowing condo owners the opportunity to earn a return through natural appreciation. They also tend to in most cases. Appreciate in value better than other less desirable condo neighborhoods.

How to book a condo viewing

What a condo building has to offer when it comes to amenities is an important factor. What’s included with the condo fee and how that influences your decision. Does the condo offer an excellent gym, swimming pool, outdoor space or garden? These inclusions add value and convenience. A buildings amenities contributes to overall desire and appeal.

Some other things to take into consideration when looking for a GTA condo rental or sale. Transportation, parking and the condo amenities. Value added features like a swimming pool, gym and a recreation center add appeal. Especially if these are amenities that you would usually pay for elsewhere.

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Condo hunters searching for what suits them. The Greater Toronto Area condo market offers a terrific selection of condo rentals and sales. Everything from new condos, existing condos, townhouses and more. is dedicated to helping condo buyers find their perfect condo. Keeping you up to date on what’s available.

Tailor your search results to include the GTA condo listings that fit your search. With the features and amenities that are important to you. When searching for a condo rental. Having the right tools. Understanding the condo buying or rental process will improve your condo search.

How a Realtor Can Help With Your Condo Search

When the time comes and you have to move and that move involves buying or renting a condo. For some people it may be a new experience and unfamiliar territory. Knowing how to start your search off right can be useful information.
To help familiarize condo hunters with the option of working with a Realtor. Here is a list of some of the advantages and benefits that Realtors have to offer their clients and customers.

Experience in the Real Estate Market

Real estate professionals have the advantage of knowing the industry. Understanding condo market conditions and property valuations. This is very important knowledge that can be passed on to clients and customers. Knowing when a condo’s priced fairly is a valuable tool. The same applies when it comes to selling your condo or listing it for rent. Pricing the condo correctly can save time and money.

Access to listings

Realtors have access to one of the largest real estate listing databases in the country. Knowing what’s currently available including historic sales figures of past sold properties. This helps them understand the current condo real estate conditions. Being involved in the real estate industry and their network. Also gives them access to exclusively listed properties and for sale by owner condos.


The real estate industry is an open market governed by supply and demand. What a condo is listed for and what it actually sells or rents for are two different things. In most cases the need for negotiations is part of the process. For example to price in needed repair or replacement of an item. Ensuring the property sells or rents at a fair price. Protecting the financial interests of the buyer, renter, seller or landlord.


Realtors are governed by the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act. The level of service that a real estate professional is required to adhere to. Is a higher standard than most others in the industry. Regulated by the federal government. Realtors have requirement’s to adhere to. Rules and Regulations put out by the Real Estate Council of Ontario.


Of course we all know how much paperwork is involved in a real estate transaction. This can be overwhelming for most people. Realtors are very familiar with all sorts of real estate contracts. Including Offer to Purchase, Lease Agreements, Listing Agreements and more. Ensuring all required documents are in place. Guiding condo hunters in the right direction.

Helpful Documents When Applying For a Condo Rental

Lease Agreement: The lease agreement sets out the terms of the rental agreement between the tenant and property owner. The province of Ontario has a standard lease agreement. This agreement is mandatory in the province of Ontario. It’s designed to protect tenant and landlord rights. You can view a copy of the Ontario Standard Lease Form here.

Rental Application: The Rental application is used as a preliminary document. It has information about the landlord and potential tenant. Name, current address. Employment or income information. Current address and the address of the rental you’re apply for.

Credit Score: The credit score is used as a gauge of your performance regarding repayment of financial obligations. There are numerous companies were one can be obtained. The two most familiar companies in Canada. Transunion and Equifax. They are well recognized and have a good reputation. There is one downside. There’s a small subscription fee. This can be canceled after the first month if one report is all you’re after. There are other credit reporting companies that offer free credit score reporting. Credit karma and Mogo both offer a credit score for free.

Income Verification: Pre qualifying for a rental condo is fairly similar to most other financial verifications. Some examples but not limited to would be. Letter of employment or offer of employment. If you’re currently employed or have received a job offer. Some others would be a notice of assessment for self-employed individuals. Sometimes other info may be required to back up what is being submitted. Every situation is unique. We are here to help to put everything together. The best part is it’s a free service to tenants.